Friday, April 9, 2010

The Race

That's my son with the Tampa Bay Lightning mascot. Keep in mind we're at a bike race, and cycling and hockey have very little in common. In fact, I can't think of anything they have in common.

March 27th was the 2nd annual Tampa Twilight Criterium. Last year my family and I went, but I didn't have Nicholas with me here that weekend. This time around I wanted to make sure he was here. He loves being outside and being active. He also loves riding his bike, and I think he has a competitive streak since he's always talking about racing. I love cycling also and when a race comes here to town, I'm going to do everything I can to either be in it, or watch. Plus it's good time to spend with my son. Oh, and btw, the lightning bug did eventually get hip to the whole bike thing. Well... more like, trike thing.

We watched some really good racing going on. Even my nephew, Tony, was trying to see the bikes flying by.

Although he didn't pay as much attention.

The race took place on the streets around Lykes-Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa. In fact, there were actually several races since each category of racer got their own time slot to race. It was a really fun experience, and they gave time for spectators to ride the course without interrupting the competitions. Nick had some chain issues. :(

All the same we had a great time and will absolutely be doing this again. I'm glad I get to share my love for this sport with my son. It's not the traditional American thing - like football or baseball - but hey, I'm not the traditional American. Besides, I don't much care for football or baseball. We did see people playing "bike polo" which is like regular polo, except with bikes instead of horses. I gotta try that sometime. Nick was digging it.

So here are some pics. There are more on my facebook page.